German Earthdawn Fanwork - Die Schätze der Himmelsstürmer

The recently announced German Earthdawn fanwork PDF by the german RPG page "Die DORP" (Dimension of roleplaying) was released yesterday:

The German info reads:
Die Schätze der Himmelsstürmer sammelt auf 16 Seiten die magischen Schätze unserer letzten Kampagne, mit Beschreibungen versehen und an die brandneuen Regeln der vierten Edition des Rollenspiels Earthdawn angeglichen.
English Google translation:
The Himmelsstürmer - a group of young adepts who was distinguished by all the virtues that you can think of: courage, kindness, curiosity and adventurousness.
Your treasures? A mirror which - a wild collection of useful, magical items, for fighter craft and sorcerers alike.

The treasures of Himmelsstürmer collects on 16 pages the magical treasures of our last campaign, provided with descriptions and aligned with the brand new rules of the fourth edition of the role-playing game Earthdawn.

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