Stylish Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheets

The recently released official Earthdawn character sheet was not very well received by many fans. Well, experience shows that many fans prefer to design their own character sheets , as these then most likely meet their requirements. Be it optical or simply useful criteria. A criteria for me is for example to have editable PDF’s, to capture Attributes, Talents, Skills or Spells. Others prefer sheets where you can capture everything up to high circle characters and so on, but what about stylish or well designed sheets?

One fanmade Earthdawn 4th Edition character sheet was already introduced on the blog, even before the official release was made. But it’s design is rather minimalistic and focused on printability.

Do you remember the editable scroll-design-sheet that was released on the Earthdawn blog on 2013? Yes, again it is Patryk aka UglyGoblin that contacted me with another approach to publish an editable stylish Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet.

I am very proud to present you the creation by Patryk. Have a look:


Good news for our polish readers! Patryk has already created a Polish version of his sheet in addition to the English version. A German translation is in the making.


5 Response to "Stylish Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheets"

  1. Looks good. I'd want to "screen" (lighten) the background so it would print better. Maybe something for the next revision.

    Is there a copy of this file without the background image ?

    There's a spelling error on "Strength".

    Sorry, I should say I really like it. Tiredness makes me too straightforward.

    Kaptain Arkansas - It really is! Thanks for noticing.

    Martin Bell - Sorry, i lost all my ED files in recent virus attack on my PC :(

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