Josh Harrison – New Earthdawn Line Developer @ FASA

Read the news? The most recent Earthdawn news can be read at and on Google+:

Josh Harrison has been offered and has accepted the Line Developer position for Earthdawn. I wasn’t able to find an official announcement @ FASA, but I think Josh doesn’t spread the news without reason.


I am honestly excited to read, that one guy of the “Crew” takes the position of Earthdawn Line Developer. His long relation to Earthdawn makes him a great choice and brings a fresh breeze to the Earthdawn Revised Edition (as far as I can judge...). I wish him all the best in his new position and am looking forward to further Earthdawn news, when things are ready for announcement. But for now: Earthdawn lives and maybe great things are looming @ FASA.


The “who’s who” article at FASA officially confirms the news.

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