Earthdawn Anniversary and Final Earthdawn Quizzes

These days Earthdawn celebrates its 20th birthday. Earthdawn was introduced at GenCon 19th August 1993 and since then we saw various Earthdawn editions, many sourcebooks and several publishers which took command of the Earthdawn product line……..


Nevertheless it is one of the few great high fantasy RPG’s out there, with a great setting, complex stories and great adventures. 20 years, where fans all over the world got connected cause they play, played, want to play or simply heard of Earthdawn where “the heroes of today are the legends of tomorrow” – King Varulus III of Throal.

Birthday present?

Well, I got there two final quizzes for you, which were created with the help of Sethariel (thx).

Final quizzes, right! I had quite a bunch of Earthdawn Quizzes on the blog now which can be found at the quiz section.

It’s been a while since the last Earthdawn quiz was published and to give this series a good ending, these last two shall take you on a small journey of 20 years of Earthdawn. Enjoy.



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