Earthdawn Third Edition : Chronicles of War Outline

About a week ago Sethariel posted a nice information on the Google+ Earthdawn community about a PDF of Carsten Damm aka Dammi. The post title says it all, the PDF is an Outline for the Chronicles of War project of the former Earthdawn publisher RedBrick LLC. So what about the 18 pages outline PDF?

This document was a first draft outline for the Chronicles of War project, the proposed final book in the Earthdawn Third Edition line. The core ideas were brainstormed in a larger team, and many of the details of that brainstorming would have made it into the final book if it had made it into the development queue

It would have been the first epic campaign published by RedBrick. In my opinion the original Chronicles of War campaign wasn’t/isn’'t that good at all, but an epic campaign in general was always the thing Earthdawn needed. But today …… yes today …… things are “different”.

Chronicles of War Outline

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  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you. I will now be able to read through the idea and develop my own opinion of it.

    As for "Different", you are so very right.

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