EDCG13e and 2ndStep Earthdawn character generators - portable editions

The well known Earthdawn character generators EDCG1.3e (1st edition) and the Second Step character generator (2nd edition) are now available as portable versions. Because some users had problems to get the two programs running on Windows 64bit engines, it was Elidis who made portable editions out of the original programs.
The now available portable versions can be executed from wherever you want, without installation. The here provided Second Step version already contains the the data files from Heirs to the Green Arrow Path, which add creatures of the Serpent River and Servos Jungle, Talents (from Way of war), General skills (Wow) and General equipment to the program. Of course are the CreatureCreator and the TableEditor still included in this portable version.
Download portable editions:

via German Earthdawn Wiki
More info on Earthdawn character generators can be found here (character generator collection,Java Script character generator,latest character editor for earthdawn) or at the download section.
Anyone hoping for an official character generator for the latest Earthdawn Revised Edition from FASA games?

2 Response to "EDCG13e and 2ndStep Earthdawn character generators - portable editions"

  1. lostpapers says:

    Gosh, I was not aware that EDCG 13e was still being so useful to the community for being transformed into a portable edition. Nice to know :)

    Ben, original EDCG 13e creator and programmer ;)

    Mordom says:

    For sure it's still a great tool!

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