Latest Earthdawn fanzine issues – Tableau Infractus #13 + #14

Yes I know, I am late telling you about the latest issues of Earthdawn Tableau Infractus fanzine. You’ll find the complete list of releases at the Tableau Infractus archive page.

But nevertheless, in case you missed these last two:

Issue #13 covers the following topics:

  • Iopan Philosophy of magic
  • Alchemical Codex Preview
  • Shields of Iopos
  • Earthdawn Miniatures Gallery



Issue #14 has the following contents:

  • What’s in a Name
  • Chronicler of the Ancient Files interview (recommended!)
  • Sperethiel: Language & Dictionary
  • Earthdawn Miniatures Gallery (Dragons)

image (2)


The release of issue #15 was delayed because of some technical problems. Follow the Tableau Infractus Facebook page to read about the upcoming release of issue #15.

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