Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!

This is the third try to start this article. Every previous attempt started with “I am looking for Guest Bloggers!” and I think this would have also been a good start so:

I am looking for Guest Bloggers!


Do you have a project you want to introduce to the Earthdawn community? You want to tell us about your gaming group? Tell a tale of Barsaive you wrote? Talk about an adventure you created or your group played? Want to inform about your webpage or any other Earthdawn related stuff you got in one of your old, dusty drawers since several years now?

Here’s your chance. Contact me, write an article and send it to me. Sounds easy? Almost.

The critical workers of the Great Library of Throal don’t pick every adventurers journal, but every well written or interesting tale will be accepted. So be creative and brave and take part at the guest blogging.

You have time to write your article until May 15th, after that I will start publishing the guest entries.

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  1. Hello! I would love to be a guest blogger. I would be coming up with an article within the week. Thanks!

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