Enhanced Atlas of Barsaive

Well many of you might know the great Atlas of Barsaive that was made by Telarus some time ago. You think it can’t be made better? Well in fact an enhanced and very useful version was recently made. The new enhanced Atlas of Barsaive contains now sticky notes that provide a short description of individual places, areas and cities shown on the map. The notes also provide book references for the particular city or whatever. So if you ever wondered where you can find information about………for example the “Ashen Hills” when staring at the atlas, you’ll now quickly find the book reference to read more about it.
Atlas of Barsaive with sticky notes

(Don’t be scared of the messy-looking screenshot) (mirror)

The enhanced Atlas of Barsaive is brought to by Piotrus, who shows again that the Polish Earthdawn fans keep up the flag of Earthdawn to feed the world wide community with fan material. Great and useful work. To make it clear the notes are still work-in-progress so to make annotations and get further info about Piotrus’ project have a look at the RedBrick forum.

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  1. ננסק says:

    Fantastic work.

    Joneric says:
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