Earthdawn Core Rulebooks at half price until Tuesday morning


Looks like the wedding of William and Kate is also good for us Earthdawn fans or roleplayers in general. Mongoose publishing announced that all of their core rulebooks will be cut at half price until Tuesday morning (UK time). Which means that you can buy each Earthdawn 3rd edition core rulebook, Earthdawn Gamemasters Guide and Earthdawn Players Guide, for only £14.99 (€16.90). Have a look at the website of Mongoose publishing to grab the offer.

Btw other titles of the special offer include:

  • Traveller (both hardback and Pocket Edition)
  • RuneQuest II
  • Judge Dredd
  • Strontium Dog
  • Glorantha
  • Earthdawn
  • Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook
  • Elric of Melnibone
  • Deus Vult
  • Wraith Recon
  • Hammers Slammers
  • Plus all French language core RPG books

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