LOTR - City of Kings - Minas Tirith model made of 420.000 matchsticks



Recently one of our players asked me if I know about the “Minas Tirith” matchstick model. I had never heard about the work of Patrick Acton before, who built this model in almost 3 years, finishing it on February 15th 2010, which I found out after some research Smiley. The impressive work of Patrick Acton is only one of his many projects he accomplished so far. Most of his matchstick models are shown at the Matchstick Marvels museum in Gladbrook, IA. For all those who don’t live anywhere nearby, have a look t his homepage. To see some working progress pictures head over here.


The pictures above were shot at the Iowa State Fair 2010 and belong to doryfour’s flickr gallery.

Maybe someone can encourage him to make a model of Triumph or the Throal gates including Bartertown, any volunteers? Smiley

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