Happy 3rd Birthdawn Blog

It’s now been three years that the Earthdawn Blog exists and I recently realized that I somehow missed to celebrate the second birthday of the blog. So I decided, from now on I‘ll only celebrate the uneven birthdays of the blog Smiley. Looking back  I also realized that from the time on when the blog received its new design, a lot of new visitors were attracted and regularly visit the blog. I thank all the visitors, fans, fans with projects, guest bloggers, RedBrick, friends and horrors that encourage me to blog about Earthdawn.

3rd Birthday


I hope you enjoy/ed the Earthdawn Blog in the following/last years as much as I do/did.

4 Response to "Happy 3rd Birthdawn Blog"

  1. arma says:

    Keep it up!

    Wu says:

    Congratulations and happy birthdawn from Poland. ;]

    Drucifer says:

    Thanks for taking the time to maintain a site for 3 years. ;>

    Makoto says:

    Congratulations from Japan. We're experiencing a hard time but we still love Earthdawn. Keep it up!

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