255 Earthdawn Spells

The Tableau Infractus Internet Archive released a collection of spells in four brand new fanzine Ebooks. The four books about elemental, illusionary, nethermantic and wizardry spells were collected from various internet sources. The layout of the Ebook spells is based on the editable Spellcards of Maskhim, which I introduced some time ago over here on the Earthdawn Blog. The Spellcards contain a short description of the spell, for further detailed information; all the Spellcards  hold the internet addresses where the spell originates from.



For further information about the works of the Tableau Infractus Archive check out my previous reports about the Infractus releases.

4 Response to "255 Earthdawn Spells"

  1. Nnesk says:

    Great stuff.

    It appears the links are dead, I keep getting errors.

    Mordom says:

    I updated the links. Thanks for the comment.

    Maskhim says:

    Nice !

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