New Year Poll results

On January 2nd 2011 I opened up the New Year Poll for 2011 to reflect your expectations and wishes for upcoming Earthdawn releases. Now that the poll is closed, I want to show you the results of the 127 votes:

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The poll offered the option to type in your own expectations under the topic “Other”. The following 4 “Other” expectations were sent in:

- Earthdawn 3rd Ed Virtual Tabletop Framework for 'MapTool'

- A Blood Wood Nations Book

- plot advancement

- The release of an English version of the Little Treasures novel

So, now to the first three places of the poll. Most await an official free 3rd Edition character generator. The result didn’t surprise me that much, but is there any hope for an official character generator coming in 2011? I think not, because the development and programming of an official character generator hasn’t been requested or announced by RedBrick so far. But maybe they are working on it in the background, you never know. But thanks to the fans there are already reliable character generators out there.

The second place shows that your hopes for a “Travar City” book are high. The question is here too, is it coming? I would say that RedBrick would make a huge mistake by not thinking about to produce a “Travar City” book. If it will be announced this year is not foreseeable but my 15th circle adept powers tell me that it will be produced! Smiley

The third place “Epic Campaign for Barsaive” is the one and only that I am sure about that RedBrick will produce such a book in the foreseeable future, but this year? Again, no releasing schedules tell us anything. But the story of Barsaive has to go on and epic events have to come to Barsaive, so why shouldn’t they make a book about several options how Barsaive could change and develop. The only thing I hope for is that they won’t send it into “Chaos”, like another company tried to.

Maybe at the end of the year 2011 we can look back at which expectations were fulfilled or which project was announced or is underway. Thanks for voting and participating!

Btw small-mini-announcement: Tanelorn (german)

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