Earthdawn Third Edition Editable Character Sheet – UPDATE

I mentioned in one of my previous Link Advice a great character sheet. It was made by ajfel a polish Earthdawn fan and blogger. One comment on that post wanted the character sheet to become editable. To be exactly it was Elidis who requested it and as I recently remembered that request I contacted ajfel to make the english version of his character sheet editable. All fields and checkboxes of the following two versions of the sheet are editable. One version uses the alternative dice table (with D20), the other one……… well guess it.

            Alternative  Dice Table Normal Dice Table

UPDATE: When the major error of the “Spell page” was found I couldn’t believe it. But finally I re-edited the Spell page and finished it today. So here’s a properly working editable Spell page. Enjoy!
editable Spell page
If you wonder how you can make the fields of an already finished PDF editable; I used the free online software PDF Escape to add checkboxes and editable fields to the sheet. (mirror)

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  1. Marcin says:

    It's great. Really. But can you fix somehow size of ticks (v)? They are various in size.

    Mordom says:

    Unfortunately I can't do anything about it, seems to be a conversion thing.

    Note: some pdf viewers like adobe reader can't save the edited pdf. Use pdf-xchange viewer to edit and save the filled sheet.

    Marcin says:

    What about changing ticks into black squares? How does it look like for you? Or "X" in place of "V"...?

    Mordom says:

    Using PDF Escape only provides "checkboxes" with hooks! I'll try to fix the size of the hooks soon.

    Anonymous says:


    a nice piece of work.


    But I have some trouble to insert spells in the spell sheet. It starts in line 7. After inserting the value in the coloum "circle" the whole site fills with this entry.
    If I leave line 7 entry, I have the same problem in line 8 and the following lines. (I am using the current version of xchange viewer 64bit)

    Elidis (thanks for mention me in your article)

    Mordom says:


    It looks like that PDF escape (which I used to make the fields editable) can only handle 1000 fields in one PDF. When 1000 fields were added any following field will also be named "untitled1000". That's why the following will contain the same content.

    I will edit the spell sheet as an extra page and try to add it to the two previous pages, but this will take some time and I can't promise that problem will be fixed then. Sorry for this major error, but who could have expected that.

    There is also no option to edit the "name" of the fields.

    Only solution could be to provide the spell sheet as a stand alone page.

    I'll try to figure it out. Thanks for testing and "error finding".

    Miner IV says:

    HI. I've just started back into earthdawn and I'm sticking with all of the first edition stuff. Would anyone be kind enough to tell me what the 3 check boxes are for in the attributes section of the character sheet provided above? Thank you.

    Mordom says:

    You record with those checkboxes the attribute increase. So that you know that you increased the attribute and the next time you have to spend more LP's.

    Miner IV says:

    Can I get another bit of help? If a group is in combat with a single enemy and that enemy is locked in a spell like bone dance, do the other attacking characters just get to wail on the enchanted person? Is there any repercussion to the necromancer? Cause this would be the same with spells like undead struggle, too.
    thanks for any help.

    Mordom says:

    I recommend you the RedBrick forum at for such kind of questions. Post your question there and Arma or other fans will help you.

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