Fan Work Tableau Infractus #6 released

Tableau Infractus 6

In this issue of Tableau Infractus we get to see an interview with Allen Varney, author of the Earthdawn novel “Piercing a Veil”. Also notable is the “Iopan Tales” chapter that completes this issue beside the  Role-Play vs Roll-play and the miniature gallery chapter, the standard contents of every issue.

Additionally to the release of Tableau Infractus #6 Drucifer created two other books in his well known ebook design. The first is called “The Eagles Nest”. It’s a campaign setting written by Stuart Parr that was originally published at the webpage Day Trip to Barsaive. The second pdf is called “Galedon – A Theran City” that was written by Andrew Ragland and originally published at his page.

Tableau InfractusGaledon - A Theran City

To find out more about former releases of the Tableau Infractus Archive watch the download page of Drucifer.

5 Response to "Fan Work Tableau Infractus #6 released"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am always surprised, where you find this juwels :-) and getting your interview partners.

    The content of this issue is great, but I dislike the cover.

    It's well painted, but it's more gothic style than ED style ;-)


    Mordom says:

    Note: I am not responsible for any content of the Tableau Infractus. It is Drucifer who creates all the content.

    He mainly provides his work at the RedBrick forum. I just report about it, to spread the news.

    Wow! Eagle's Nest was my campaign! Great job in dusting it off and presenting it. Shame you couldn't get in contact with me but I don't get time to maintain my web-site anymore :( and I've not played ED for ages :(

    Wow! Eagle's Nest was my campaign. Great job in bringing into once place :)

    Mordom says:

    Hey great that you found your own project over here :-)

    I just report about the work of Drucifer, who creates all these wonderful ebooks.


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