Glennwood Deep

imageWell, well, well. Recently a forum post, over at the (German) caught my attention. Eirynhawk posted a description of a territory of Barsaive which is almost unknown. The description of the Glennwood Deep is very well done by Eirynhawk and I thought that it would be great to share the description of the Glennwood Deep with the international community. The well illustrated description is now available as an English PDF. It is yet “only” an unfinished description which provides enough characterization of the territory but let’s gamemasters pick up some of the basic ideas what kind of treasures, tribes and adventures the Glennwood Deep offer for a nice adventure set up.

So there is more to come (Chosen, Shadow wolves), but don’t hesitate to add your ideas and your own enhancements to this description of the Glennwood Deep. Please add your ideas, critics and thoughts about this description to the comments.

English PDF File: Glennwood Deep – by Eirynhawk (Mirror)

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