Arma’s X-mas present or what’s new with Nations of Barsaive III: Cara Fahd?

Arma aka Armatoth aka Eye in the Sky known for “armanation” on the RedBrick forum released an article wherein he talks about the upcoming (March) Nations of Barsaive III: Cara Fahd. What is new? What was added and what has been dropped when comparing the new 3rd edition version of the Cara Fahd book to the old first edition Cara Fahd sourcebook? Arma works off several categories and tells us what changed and what was added or dropped and why.

What’s new with Cara Fahd?
While on Christmas we're naturally focused on the holidays themselves, this close to year's end, our thoughts also look forward to the upcoming new year. It’ll see the Cathay Gamemaster’s Guide in January, and Nations of Barsaive III: Cara Fahd in March. Cara Fahd is a revised version of the first edition book, and with revised books we’re always asked by veteran players who already own the book if there’s anything new in there, and what. So for this one, during editing, I kept track of it:

Adventure Hooks:
First edition’s Cara Fahd didn’t have any, so we added some. 16, to be specific. They’re found all throughout the fiction chapters, and relate to what’s presented there. Well, if that doesn’t get you hooked yet, let’s go on….

Or gamemaster characters, as Earthdawn traditionally calls them. There’s 2 new ones found along the others that were already present in first edition. So 9 in total, and they all got a full stat block now! And it’s good to know Krathis Gron’s Social Defense. But we’ll get to that later…

Read the full X-mas special at the RedBrick forum.

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