Free Fanwork Tableau Infractus #5 released

Cover5I am late to spread the “news” about the publication of the 5th issue of the fan work Tableau Infractus done by Drucifer. He already released it on December 17th but somehow I missed to tell you about it. But nevertheless his work is still worth a look. In this issue Dru provides information about various customs and places of Iopos in the chapter “National Flavor” and tells us a little bit about the discipline of the Inquisitor (adapted from the Earthdawn Journal) that was shaped in a unique way by the Iopans. Furthermore this issue holds a story about a Windling named Zahnja of Sos-Ree, the every-issue-chapter of Role-Play vs. Roll-Play and finally a collection of Troll miniatures shown in the Troll miniatures gallery.

Download the 5th issue of the Tableau Infractus at 4shared (mirror)

The previous editions of the Tableau Infractus can be found HERE and HERE

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