New design of the Earthdawn Blog

Today I started the redesign of the Earthdawn Blog by uploading a new template (duffy) and so I  finally got a new more fantasy-like looking blog. It may be that some sections or links of the blog won’t work properly until I checked and fixed them. I gonna check them all during the next weeks, if you discover any problems or broken links or anything else that doesn’t work properly I’d appreciate your support.
I am very sorry that I had to take off some widgets from the sidebar, for example the followers have to “re-follow” the Earthdawn Blog again (Followers will have some small advantages in auctions etc.).
I also got a small banner now and if you link to my blog on your page please the use THIS small banner. 
ED Blog Banner
I hope you like the new look of the blog, new Earthdawn Blog action will come soon. BTW, for all those wondering why the blog wasn’t updated for almost two month now, I just ignored it, but in the background I was still working on some articles which will be published soon. I am from time to time, especially in summer time, not that motivated to work on the blog, but I vow improvement.

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