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Well, I almost missed to mention the “Earthdawn Adventure Resource Contest” of RedBrick LLC. The short description below shall give you an overview and explain some basic questions about the contest. If you’re planning to participate or already got something in mind to write about, have a look at the details and the “submission, formatting and what-are-we-looking-for guide” at the RedBrick homepage.


What is the contest about?

The intention is to build up a free online resource for Earthdawn gamemasters where they can find inspiration and ideas for small to medium sized plots. Your writings shall be frameworks that describe some basic events, but let enough space for every gamemaster to outline the details individually.


When is the deadline?

December 31st 2010


Can I win anything?

Yep, you can win fame and some small prizes will be awarded:


  • The best adventure framework wins one of each of our four Earthdawn Dicesets produced by Q-Workshop, including the limited Astral Dice (currently available only in this competition!).
  • Places 2 and 3 win a limited Astral Dice set plus one regular dice set of their choice.
  • Places 4-10 receive a regular dice set of their choice.


Beside the prizes and all the fame you will get, there is one thing that makes this contest somewhat more interesting:

It should be no secret that this competition, as well as our Open Calls, serve as a means to find new writers. If you are interested in joining us, this is the best way to get started!


Again if you want to find out more about the contest, for example how the formatting shall look like, which parts should be included in the framework and how many words your framework should at least consist of, visit the page of RedBrick LLC’s “Earthdawn Adventure Resource Contest” submission call.

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