Get a discount for the latest Earthdawn novel “Scars”

Yesterday RedBrick LLC announced a discount coupon code that you can use when checking out at The coupon code only works for the novel Scars (Hardcover) and is worth 10$. Use the code BEACHREAD305 at your checkout and you’ll receive the 15% discount. It only works once per account and you can’t combine it with other discount codes. The coupon is valid until August 15th 2010.


Well that’s the news of RedBrick LLC so far, but what is the novel of Caroline Spector about? The short book summary reads as follows:

Outcast, immortal, and alone, Aina must return to Blood Wood to gather the threads of her past which can set her free. She will use anything—and anyone—to escape her ancient pact with the Horror and his terrible gift.

If the Horror will let her...

Read the full description at

I can only recommend the novel, the story about the protagonist Aina and her connection to the Horror is a must read for every Earthdawn fan. But I have to admit that I won’t buy the RedBrick version because the book was already published in German back in 1995 and is already in my possession.


On the other hand I should grab the opportunity of getting a discount (as you should too), because my Earthdawn collection needs to be complete. Hard to decide…

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