Tableau Infractus1 Drucifer released the first issue of his fanwork called Tableau Infractus. With a nice layout he reports in this first issue (hopefully more to come) about the game itself, offers new horrors and gives a small insight into Iopos. Have a look at it at: Tableau Infractus #1


Nice initiative. Nevertheless I can't approve of using illustrations without the author's permission.

Seth, he stated it's used without permission and gave credit to the artist, just as he did for our stuff.

It's alright, it falls under fair use as its fanwork and no money is made. If the artist complains himself, that's a different story--but no one needs you blurping that comment everywhere you post. Seriously. Mail Dru about it and let it go. ;-)

It's alright Dammi. Sorry that it looks like I can't let it go :)

It's not my problem anyway...

I just think that this should not become a web standard, that's all :)

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