10 amazing Earthdawn pictures

Well, today your VOTE is questioned. Which of the following 10 pictures is in your opinion the best, neatest, greatest and most eye-catching Earthdawn picture ever.


Jeff Laubenstein-Serpent Kingdom_of_Throal sadeaban PTW
1. Jeff Laubenstein 2. John Howe 3. Sade 4. Brom
t`skrangegg Serpen_River_by_Enkidi Szczudlo_Painting  
5. Johannes Bech 6. Kathy Schad 7. Tony Szczudlo  
parlainth1 windlingwarrior kathy  
8. Les Edwards 9. Tony Szczudlo 10. Kathy Schad  



Of course there are several other pictures that should be in that list. But I guess this was a good start to show some of the best Earthdawn pictures.

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