Cover of the Earthdawn Third Edition

I guess everyone already read the news of RedBrick showing a preview of the cover art of the 3rd Earthdawn Third Edition core rulebooks Players- and Gamemasters Guide. As I had a close look at the cover of the player's guide I thought: "hm, I know this cover".

And finally I remembered the german fanbook "lost treasures" and its cover made by Kathy Schad.

I think these are great covers and they differ a lot from the old covers so that everyone will recognize: "These are the 3rd Earthdawn Third Edition, the new and exciting core rulebooks for Earthdawn done by RedBrick". But I am also happy that a former fanbook cover made it in a different form to an official cover of Red Brick. Great work Kathy.

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  1. Sethariel says:

    Had a similar deja vu feeling about the cover. Now I know why...

    arma says:

    Your deja vu might also be because it's the Age of Legend 4E logo and the "new messages" marker on the forums there.

    The cover was added to the Verlorene Schätze project later, I think.
    The cover of my version of Verlorene Schätze, which I preserved from hard drive to hard drive from the very beginning, is just black and white. It's now on one of the later pages, the windling in front of the flask and other items.
    Similarly, my "Kreaturen der Wildnis" has a straight black and white cover.

    Both don't have the black frame and do not have Earthdawn written across the cover in the first versions.

    Anonymous says:

    A high resolution version of the pictures you will find under:

    Just click on the small pictures in the announcement.

    Mordom says:

    I just realized that we get to see a preview of the content of both books und the links mentioned above!!

    Go and have a look at them!!

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