Become a Guest Blogger on Earthdawn Blog

Hereby I make the Open Call to become a Guest Blogger on this blog.

I am reading various blogs on the net and several did a so called "Guest Blogging". Readers, Visitors, Authors, Scientists, Fans and many others are invited to write a post or article for the blog. So I decided to make a similar open call for my readers to invite them to write a guest article or do a "Guest Blogging".

What's going on and how can you become a guest blogger?

It's very simple. If you got an idea for a post, an article, a topic for a discussion, a private project, an interview or anything else that should be spread to the Earthdawn community, here's your chance. Write down a short excerpt of your idea and contact me.
Please use as subject for your contact-email: "Guest Blogging" to guarantee a better overview. All the other emails without that subject will be ignored, so make sure you do it right!

Content of the email should be:
- your name
- a short description of your idea
- your blog URL or website URL if available

I can't tell right now how many guests will be approved, this depends on the amount of incoming topics and how they differ from others. I also can't tell whose idea will be approved and why and why others don't. This is the first time I make such a open call for guest bloggers and therefor I want a maximum of 3 or 4 guest bloggers. But be sure that this won't be the last time I make this open call and if you don't make it, please try again next time or I will contact you again when I make an Open Call again.

Please consider also the general rules for your article:
- your article, topic or whatever must be related to Earthdawn. If you don't know what Earthdawn is, first look at "What is Earthdawn?"

- your article has to be written in English, I'll support you in translating it if you think your English isn't good enough.

- one article per head.

- you're not allowed to use any pictures or material you don't own the rights for or at least got the permission to use them.

- all your pictures and texts remain under your copyright and you got the right to tell me to remove them at any time.

So what do you get from all of this "Guest Blogging"? Sorry, but I can't pay you, :-)! The only thing I can provide are back links to your site including a short description, the appreciation of other Earthdawn fans and the immortality of your post.

The Open Call will be closed on 4th July, after that I will contact the chosen and start talking about their idea and the execution of the "Guest Blogging".

I hope the idea of Guest Blogging on the Earthdawn Blog will be a successful story and I hope you'll like the articles.

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