New: FDA "Die Wildnis ruft"

The german fanproject "Foliant des Abenteurers" published yesterday its newest edition "FDA Vol. IV: Die Wildnis ruft". This edition of the FDA offers a lot of suggestions what can happen in the wilderness of Barsaive. Topics are for example: the tribe of the K'stulaami is described, the discipline of the Shaman is described in detail and in another chapter are rules and examples given for the use of herbs and poisons.

The german fan base and especially the FDA team has proven again that they do a heck of a job to provide some awesome stuff to support Earthdawn. Thanks guys!! For all of you who want to support and help the FDA team have a look at the FDA construction thread, where the FDA 5 is already being prepared.

I am really sorry for the non german speaking visitors, that I introduce again a german fanwork. But nevertheless have a look at it. BTW, the cover was made by Johannes Bech

Links: FDA Vol. IV "Die Wildnis ruft"

4 Response to "New: FDA "Die Wildnis ruft""

  1. Sethariel says:

    Great News!!!

    I really liked the previous parts, good to know that something is being done with that project.

    The fact it is in german can be problem for some fans though.

    Mordom says:

    I was really thinking about to make a call-up to get some people together to translate some chapters. I gonna post a question about it at the project forum.

    Sethariel says:

    Great Idea!!!

    Sign me in :)

    Nick says:

    Really makes me wish I knew German...

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