The Hunt for Gollum - Fan Movie

On 3rd may the fan movie "The Hunt for Gollum" was released. I have to admit that I haven't heard of it until today. Shame on me!
The crew started the project already back in 2007, published several trailers and finally yesterday the long awaited 40 minutes movie got released. Over here you can watch the movie in HD, which I recommend.

The story is described on the Blog as follows:

A new chapter in the Lord of the Rings saga, created by fan's of Tolkien. This short film is set in Middle Earth and depicts events leading up to the Fellowship of the Ring. Synopsis: The Ring of Power has been taken from Gollum by Bilbo of the Shire. The heir of Isildur sets out to find him before he falls into the hands of the enemy and reveals the location of the Ring...

I say fan movie of the year! Where's the oscar?

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  1. Mordom says:

    Well the embedded movie is no more available. Here's the direct link to the HD movie:

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