Vive la France

How I just read at made Red Brick a cooperation with Black Book Editions, a french publisher of diverse RPG's.

So all the french players can look forward to receive the Earthdawn books of Red Brick in french. For german players for example its a dream to have such an agreement, because here already exists an Earthdawn version, but not the one of Red Brick. But maybe one day......*dream*

So back to business.

Over HERE's the French Homepage of Black Book Editions' Earthdawn version, so improve your french!!

With my school french I walked through the Forum of BBE and discovered a guy whith the nick Damien C. I guess its Damien who I interviewed last month. HERE's the interview.

From the forum his blog was not far away and there I discovered some paintings of the Kratas character Codex he made, if I translated this complicated language correctly. :-)
But watch youself, over HERE's the Blog of Damien C. and his paintings. Enjoy.

Vive la France

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