Damien Coltice

Some of you might know Damien Colice. He's the owner of the website http://www.earthdawn.free.fr/. I think his fabulous paintings should be appreciated, so I decided to make a short interview with him, to tell us a little bit about himself and the french earthdawn community.

"Hello, could you short introduce yourself?"

My name is Damien and I work in a french RPG company right now (www.black-book-editions.fr). I'm also a musician and play bass guitar in a french rock band, SARRO (www.myspace.com/sarromusic).

"When did you start to play earthdawn? Do you play still until today?"

Back in 1995. My father was invited by the US government for holidays and he called me one morning to say that he was in a RPG shop and that he didn't find Jorune (the game I asked him to bring back with him !!!). So he ask me what other game I might wanted, and I look quickly in my RPG magazine and found Earthdawn. That's how I get this game !
I started playin' ED very quickly with my friends. But it was tough, as I was 17 yaer-old and not so good in english at the time ! I've never stop playing ED since, and my friends neither. That's our favorite game, simply.

"When did you start painting and what else did you paint than this great Earthdawn stuff?"

I've always draw pictures, as far as I can remember. But always people, never landscape ! So my capacity are limited ! I did some pictures for ED's Living Room Games (Dragons, Way of II) and for Black Box, the french RPG magazine edited by Black Book editions (illustrations of adventure path and a black 'n white comic strip untitled "Blackman"). Oh, I also made some NPC for the french translation of "Runner Havens" for Shadowrun 4, as the french version has a chapter about Marseille, a french runner haven !

"I know that you painted the cover for the upcoming Sourcebook Kratas: City of Thieves. Could you tell us how you got involved with Red Brick and what works you did for them?"

I didn't painted the cover of this book (Kathy Schad did... and did great !), but I made a few NPC (remember, I don't like landscapes ;) ).
I met James (Redbrick's boss) on the earthdawn website, back at the time of the first announcement of a new version of ED. He's a very very kind and respectful guy, and I'm looking forward to met him in real life (which could happen in Essen this year). Actually, Black Book editions is about to edit the french version of Redbrick's Earthdawn, so we work with James and I've always tell him that if he wants pictures of me, I will make them. The work of Redbrick is so amazing. Kratas is gonna be a very nice ED book !

"How about the french community of Earthdawn fans? Are you involved in it and how huge is Earthdawn in France?"

I was an active fans for years (my main topics were : crossover ED/SR and Prelude to war !), but now that I work in a RPG company, I have less time, but the french ED community is active, and the game is popular, even though the firts french editor (Jeux Descartes) did not do a very good job with the line (bad choice of product going to translation - for exemple, thay never translate the Denizens of Earthdawn nor the Adept's way -, bad change of the cover design, etc.). I think that Earthdawn's Redbrick can be very successful in France, because the system is now very clean (which was one of the main problem of the first edition) and because people know that the background of the game is one of the best of all.

"Thank you for the short interview."

Thank you very much ! And sorry for my english, I try my best !

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