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After thinking about character creation I had in mind to make a post about various ways to create characters in Earthdawn. Then Elidis a reader of my page pointed out, to make a collection of the existing character generators.
The major problem for Earthdawn players/gamemasters is to find a character generator for the version they are playing. Existing versions are ED (by FASA), ED2 (by Living Room Games) and finally Red Bricks classic version (the most promising in my opinion). Here's the collection of various Earthdawn character generators.

1. The first character generator EDCG1.3e for Earthdawn came from (Mirror) and it's based on the rules of the first Earthdawn edition from FASA. It offers a good way to generate characters within minutes. But some special disciplines are missing and the option to give your characters talent knacks is completely absent. Also the printout of your character is not an eyecatcher, it is not like a character sheet, more a listing of character statistics without charts. But if you still use the first edition and want to create a NPC or PC's with few effort, EDCG 1.3e should be good.

An update for the EDCG1.3e is offered by SaDe at and was made by cbooth from the forum. This hidden update does a lot, for example adding special disciplines and adding book references to Red Bricks publications. The update brings the EDCG1.3e to Red Bricks classic edition standards, so if you use Red Bricks classic version just add this data and enjoy. Also some language patches are available for the EDCG1.3e, for example a polish [page/link/mirror] and a french [link] language pack.

2. "The Second Step" (Mirror) is the best character generator that exists. It offers everything you need, quick random character creation, talent knacks, a huge collection of thread items and a great spreadsheet printout. Unfortunately it uses the ED2 edition system from Living Room games, which can be declared unconcious or nearly dead. But if this is still the version of your choice, "The Second Step" offers the most comfortable way to create PC's, NPC's and even creatures. Because a special gimmick is the Creature Creator, whereby you can create creatures on your own or use a lot of creatures from the database. Some creatures, talents and other stuff from the "newer" Living Room books are missing, if you download "The Second Step". But over HERE's a link to data files you can embed. So that The Second Step is finally complete and up to date to the ED2nd edition from Living Room Games.

3. Carsten Damm offers at his fanpage another character generator made by Abrojo for Red Bricks edition. But honestly at the actual state, the program is no solution for gamemasters to create characters. It offers players to build a first circle character in short time, but unfortunately only first circle characters. But I think if it will be extended it could become an useful generator. Let's see what happens in future.

4. A complete different way of character creation is using Excelsheets. They appear in a perfect spreadsheet view and offer a huge database of talents, knacks and spells. I would say almost everything that has been published is included. I chose two very good examples of Excelsheet character generators . The first Sheet is based on Living Room Games 2nd edition. It's made by Critter and is a half-automatic character generator in german. The second Excelsheet is made by Ridcully. It is bilingual (simply change "Deutsch" into English) and is based on Red Bricks alternative discipline mechanics.

After all, character generators are a good solution for gamemasters to create NPC's and creatures, but for players who create their character I would recommend the traditional way. You will simply get a better feeling for your character when its "born" by your own hand.

Note: I decided to provide Mirrors with direct access to the programs and their updates because I want to preserve them. For example the original website of The Second Step is unavailable for unknown reasons. If any author feels disturbed if I provide their programs and updates, please contact me.

Special thanks go to Elidis, who inspired and helped me with this post.

The voting for your favourite hero ended and the winner is LORM. That's why you all will receive Lorm's character sheet made with EDGC1.3 and The Second Step, enjoy.

Lorm made with EDCG1.3e Red Brick version: EDC file(mirror)
Lorm made with Second Step: ED2 file(mirror) / Html file(mirror)

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  1. sade says:

    Actually the first excel sheet generator was mady by EDPT, many years ago, sadly is unavaible because of EDPT down, but i can dig it for you if you wish.

    JongWK says:

    Abrojo wrote the generator for my campaign, as most of my players didn't have any prior experience with Earthdawn. It was meant to accelerate character creation (especially the maths), not fully replace it. I guess you can call it a work in progress, though. :)

    Anybody knows how to make The Second Step run un a new pc with Windows 7?
    I get a 32/64 bit error.

    Mordom says:

    Hm, I can't provide any help cause I got no windows 7 (maybe try the xp mode in windows 7 to run it?).

    But try to get help at the Red Brick forum. The Second Step was made by Lars Gottlieb, but I wasn't able to contact him, maybe he knows a solution. I just remeber that it was SaDe who had contacted him to get his permission.

    If you solve this problem, please let the others know via a comment.

    Good luck

    Tarak Schildschmetterer says:

    hy, i´m using fist step under win7 without problems! But you have to start the programm as administrator.

    which win7 you ar using?

    Hey guys!

    I recently reopnened the site with new and improved webz. Next up: New code!

    Unknown says:

    Link broken for the data files for 2nd Step. :(

    Links updated, thanks for pointing out

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