Living ..........who?

Ok I found two posts in forums that reveal what I supposed all the time.

Living Room Games has no longer a licence to publish earthdawn material.

One post from James Flowers at [link] and one from Dammi at the german forum [link], proof that Living Room Games licence lapsed over one year ago. I don't know what will happen to the books they were working on (Dangerous Goods and Way of Will), maybe they are so kind to spread them as pdf, as FASA did with the dragon sourcebook. But the weirdest thing is that they don't inform their fans in the forums or on their page about that issue.

So if you are one of the players that still use Living Room Games 2nd edition, stop crying and think about what to do now. The best will be to buy Red Bricks two sourcebooks and adjust your game one step after another. You won't have to give up playing, just change and make compromises. Introduce everytime you play some small changes and write them down, so that you know what you adjusted. You'll see that a change of systems will be easier than you think.

Or you can simply keep on playing the Living Room 2nd edition, but keep in mind that no new material will be published for it.

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