Nobody is perfect

No matter from which company a book has been published, every Earthdawn book contains errors. Thats why Errata books are published, be it by fans or by a company.
A lot of Earthdawn fans had long discussions about the rules, the rulebooks and the errors they found. For example at the german forum Myrias (former lots of rules had been discussed until the detected faults had been collected and put together to a PDF by Martin Glaw. This unofficial Errata is about the books from the German publishers Games-in-vlg and Fan Pro (former german publisher).

But also the "new" star at our Earthdawn horizon Red Brick is not as perfect as me, Mordom :-). Thats why they also publish Errata PDF's at their homepage. However the advantage of the philosophy of Red Brick to spread their books also as Ebooks via Drivethru, LULU and RPGNow, is the possibility to include the new found errors immediately into the Ebooks. Users benefit from this clever decision by beeing able to download their already bought Ebooks several times. So as soon as a new Errata is published, the Ebook can be downloaded again as the newest corrected Version. IIRC you can download your Ebooks five times.

Living Rooms Games also published Erratas on their homepage at Uncle Mikes Corner.

Last but not least the old books from FASA also want to be freed from their errors. Formerly the corrections of the older books had been published at the last pages of the newer books, but an overview about the faults of the FASA books was far away, until I discovered them HERE. And another collection of all errors has been written by Chris Ryan and can be found HERE, on a webpage of James Flowers (Managing director of Red Brick Limited).

If someone has found better errata-links as mentioned above, feel free to post a comment.

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