I finally managed to contact SaDe, it was kinda difficult to contact her as you noticed in this post.

I made an interview with her, about her relation to Earthdawn, she also revealed some surprising personal informations, but read yourself.

"First would you please introduce yourself?"

"Hm. I'm 28 years old, my real name is Rita, but everybody calls me Sade. I love the world of Earthdawn, and I'm a big fan of Jeff Laubenstein. (And Jim Nelson, Larry Macdougall, Miken, Janet Aulsio, David Martin, Rick Martin, they all inspired me). I like to draw, you can see my works on http://sade.epilogue.net.
I work restless on the hungarian Earthdawn portal called K'harro Aropagoi, it contains nearly thousand images, maps, more than 500 articles, and much more.

I think you want to hear some more personal *shy smile* soo..some random info.
- I spent four years in the university on philosophy faction, but I never finished it
- I always remember my dreams
- I like belly dance, I follow the tribal style
- I'm a shy creature. Kinda silent, and antisocial, but I love the people from the bottom of my heart.
- I can push out my tongue 7 centimeters!!!! :)
- I love the crows.
- I'm living in Hungary (country), Budapest (capitol)
- I also like comics, martial arts, and other "nerd" things"

"Since how long do you play Earthdawn and how did you get involved?"

*trying to remember * "Something like 8 years. I met the Earthdawn in the university dormitory. I remember, I was an elf Troubadour and we played the "Mist of Betrayal" module. It was terrible and irreal, my character finished as a blood elf.. and it was full of silly things, but still: the world caught me, and I begun to read about it, and organized a party.. "

"Which Earthdawn race are you most interested in and why?"

"When somebody asks about my favourite race, I always say "the trolls..no, the t'skrangs, or the orks.." and I say all of the races *giggles*
I love the t'skrangs, because they are so unique, and I love their styles. I love the trolls because of their culture, and dual mentality.
I love the orks, because of their passion. I love the windlings, because they.. they :)
I'm not good enough or i'm afraid to play an obsidiman well, but I still love them...aw, say to me "stop".. you see? I can't choose."

"What is your favourite character in Earthdawn?"

"Always the current, that I'm playing with. My GM, and the other players have favourite character from me (and vice versa), but it's a different story.
Currently I'm playing with an elf theran noble, and I think she is definitely different than my other characters."

"Thanks for the interview"

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  1. Sade says:

    thanks for the interview :)
    good luck with the site, if you need any help, or something, you know already where can you catch me :)
    -- Sade

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