Official Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet available for download

Back in September 2014 we already converted a fanmade character sheet to the Earthdawn 4th edition rules with the help of Mogan Weeks.

Update June 14th 2015

The character sheet is "unfortunately" no longer available at the download section at FASA games.

Now, after the release of the Earthdawn 4th Edition Player's Guide PDF, FASA provides an official 4th edition character record sheet on their download page.

Earthdawn 4 edition character record sheet
ED4 Character Record Sheet
The sheet uses the D12 dice table and it provides on 2 pages space for basic character stats. I would say for high circle characters it is not useful, but to start with Earthdawn it should be good enough. It simply provides the base stats of your char in a good overview, nothing more nothing less.

3 Response to "Official Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet available for download"

  1. RazanMG says:

    There is place for only 10 skills, and starting character can have 14...

    Knowledge Skill 2 Ranks
    Artisan Skill 1 Rank
    Speak Language Skill 2 Ranks
    Read/Write Language Skill 1 Rank
    Free Skills 8 Ranks

    And you really DONT need to have on char sheet "CHARACTER RECORD SHEET"

    Spells should be on separate sheet, you can start with 8 spells, so you are left with 2 additional places....

    Steps/dice should be about to step 40, 2 circle obsidiman with 2handed weapon can get already step 19 damage, same 2 circle troll cavalryman while charging can get step 28...( troll str 9 + thundra beast 11 + lance 6 + 2 Charge talent) And surely he want some Forge weapon improvement....

    As one of my player noticed the first time he looked at it, for those that can get above Circle 4, this char sheet is totally unusable.

    marroon69 says:

    hmmm why is the character sheet not available? I own the book but it seems no PDF of the official character sheet?

    Currently, there seems to be no 'official' char sheet anymore....
    I recommend to have a look at the other fanmade char sheet at the 'Character creation' category here on the blog.

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