Pre-order German Earthdawn Player’s Guide

Ulisses Spiele

After some Polish Earthdawn news, I can report about some German news released by Ulisses Spiele too.

As the title says, the German Earthdawn Player’s Guide can now be pre-ordered at Ulisses Spiele. But Ulisses doesn’t just provide one version of the Player’s Guide. No. They offer 3 different versions!!

One regular hardcover version, one limited blue Espagra leather version(!!!) and a softcover-saving version, which comes without pictures and is almost plain text. I guess for the minimalists, who prefer plain information and rules.

The news published by Michael Mingers also adds, that Ulisses will likely use the old Earthdawn logo on the German books.

For all German speakers, head over to the news page for further information. You’ll also find a great fan work link at the news article, which provides a summary sheet for character creation made by Elidis!

Anyone who wants to translate the character creation cheat sheet for Earthdawn 4th edition?

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