Final days of the Earthdawn Kickstarter project

The Earthdawn Kickstarter campaign has raised more than 700% of it’s original goal at the time of writing this article! The finish line is ahead and if you’re still hesitating to make your pledge, I can tell you that there are only 3 days left to support one of the best high fantasy RPG’s that are out there.


FASA and the developers have introduced a lot of stuff during the recent weeks since the Kickstarter project started. So I want to provide a short link overview of what information, interviews and previews concerning the Kickstarter project have been released so far. Just for the case you’re still hesitating cause of the lack of information……

Unlocked stretch goals:

  • Travar: City of Merchants sourcebook unlocked
  • Free GM Screen for pledges of physical books (softcover or hardcover!)
  • ED4 Companion

Released previews:


I guess these links sum it up pretty good about what information was spread during the last weeks. But I still want to add some additional information that could be interesting to you. I cite it here from various sources, be it comments of the Kickstarter campaign, G+ or forum posts.

We'll release the PDFs as soon as the layout has been through blueline, a month or so ahead of the physical books. Josh Harrison says the Players and GM's Guides are currently scheduled for release in August, Travar for October, and the Companion for December, with the usual disclaimers about risk and acts of the Passions and so forth.

The FASA Games web store has been updated with all the KS pledge levels. If you'd rather work by Paypal than credit card, you can now get all of the merch from the KS, and we'll count the sales in the web store KS category toward the KS pledge total for stretch goal unlock

All backers who pledged for softcover or hardcover editions of the books will receive a free GM screen. We'll put all the tables and charts you need on one side, and full color art on the other, on a fold-out cardstock screen. This includes a 16-page booklet of pregenerated gamemaster characters and other useful material. We will add the GM screen to our online shop and product line once the KS reward copies have shipped. Yes, we're adding a PDF version of this to the PDF Everything Bundle.

Of course the overview makes no claim of being complete. But I hope some of the info is helpful to make your decision to select a pledge and support the project.

Finally I can only recommend to have a look at the Earthdawn FASA Games Forum to read about the latest discussions and debates.

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