Ship of Tears – First Earthdawn Web Shard now available

The Tableau Infractus archive presents the first Earthdawn web shard called “Ship of Tears” written by Piotr Konieczny. The author Piotr as well as Drucifer of the Tableau Infractus Archive welcome your feedback at the RedBrick forum. Hopefully this will be the start of a great series of web shards.

Ship of Tears

While traveling through Barsaive, the group encounters an adept seeking their help to  dismantle  a  slave  ring.  The  adept  provides  them  with  information  about  an  inn where travelers are abducted, and information on the Theran slave ship that transports the abductees.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know this was out. An Earthdawn adventure is always a good read.

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