Anduin - A fanzine for fantastic games

Anduin is a free german fanzine for roleplaying and tabletop fans. It's freely available as PDF and has published until now 95 issues. As you might know I am always looking for Earthdawn stuff in such magazines. I put together the issues, that contain Earthdawn related articles.

In Issue 66 you can find two articles, one concerning the cooking in Barsaive offering some T'skrang recipes for example. The other is a well done kaer adventure called "divided heir" (22 pages) at page 8.

Issue 67 offers some magical artifacts made by Kathy Schad at page 34. At the end of this article is a link to Wyvernlair Kathy's former very well done Earthdawn page. But unfortunately it wasn't update since 2004 any more.

Back to Anduin Issue 86 bringing to you a remarkable adventure called "Mahatsch on the brink". Page 59.

Anduin Issue 87 contains on page 96 the adventure "Elemental rage". This adventure starts in Throal and can be played by 4-8 characters of the 5-8th circle.

In Issue 91 an adventure-tale about the "whispering tower" is told on page 67.

I know most of you are not very happy to hear about german fanbooks, if you're not german. But I recommend to have a look at the Anduin Issues I mentioned. Simply refer to the pages I wrote beside each issue and you can find some neat illustrations and other stuff you won't need any german language knowledge. As always I am very sorry that this fanstuff only exists in german. But maybe one day...........

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