Create character portraits using Hero Machine 2.5

Some time ago I discovered the Hero Machine of UGO Entertainment and I decided to give it a try to create some fantasy characters. To create them I used the Hero Machine version 2.5. UGO provides various Hero Machines to create "characters" for example a Hero Machine Pin-up Edition or a Zombie creator. Well, the purpose of the Hero Machine 2.5 I used is to create comic heroes or heroes in general. Handling the tutorial of the Hero Machine shouldn't be that hard, so just give it a try.

I know they don't look very "Earthdawnish" and are very comic-look-alike, but I would say for players that don't have the talent of Kathy, Sade or JB but still want to create a picture of their character sould have a look at it. So I hope you enjoy my small collection of Earthdawn Hero Machine characters. If you want to manipulate the characters, simply load the *.txt file and load the code of the character at the Hero Machine page.

Character's Code file
(note:there might be some items missing when loading the code)

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  1. Hi!!

    We brazilians use this hero generater

    It is very good and the style is based on the Justice League animated series.


    Anonymous says:

    nice job! check out my hero machine gallery on

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