Red Brick Crew

I just cruised around and finally had a look at Flickr and after searching for "Earthdawn" I discovered some pictures uploaded by "Mataxes" aka Josh Harrison. The pictures are from the "2005 Origins International Games Expo" in Columbus.

The RedBrick crew -- Carsten, Stephen, James, Carlton, and Josh

Carsten, Andrew, Lars, Josh, Carlton, and James at the Sunday afternoon Earthdawn Marathon

You see that I linked the guy's on the pictures to their interviews at At Flickr you can find further pics of the convention uploaded by Mataxes. At exists also a "transcript of the "2005 Origin International Games Convention" of several Red Bick crew members talking about the future of Earthdawn.
I wonder why Red Brick didn't upload other pictures of other conventions like the Spiel '07 or Spiel '08. Ok, DORP-TV made some video interviews, thanks for those, but I never saw any pictures of other events. Maybe someone else who was at the Spiel '07 '08 or at another convention has some pics or has discovered some, just tell me please. So far enjoy the other pics of the convention back in 2005.

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  1. Vestrivan says:

    Awesome! Score for the win.

    I also know that Valkyrie (who used to post on the currently defunct EDPT, and is an all-round "lovely person") video'd the last game session of ED that we ran at Origins.

    Notable because of the nervous GM (me) and the added pressure of performing with a player-base of 9 (!) players when the scenario only accommodates 6 normally... Though I think everyone had fun.

    I know that using a cadaver-dwarf as a surfboard on the stairs to the cellar to take on the big bad was an ... interesting tactic. (Carlton, I think, who was teaming with either Dammi or Steven. Memory might be wrong, tho).

    Why not a lot of footage? Well, for me at least, I am not photogenic...

    Take kaer, James

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