Earthdawn Journal

A long time ago, in another decade, there was a magazine called "Earthdawn Journal".......

It startet in 1994, when the first volume of the Journal came out. Until 1997 nine editions were published by Sword of the Knight Publications. Then the whole project went down and today the original magazines are a unique treasure for real Earthdawn fans. If you want to know what those Journals were about, you can watch the content online at the "Archives of the Great Library" of the Earthdawn Journal webpage.


So why do I mention the Earthdawn Journal when a lot of you (Earthdawniacs) already know about it?

Because the situation today is different. Such a nice magazine, that contained a lot of different articles about several topics like legends, towns/villages and magical items, doesn't exist anymore. Although the Earthdawn Shards from Red Brick are quite similar, they contain solely adventures. Without the fanprojects like the "Book of Tomorrow" or the german "Foliant des Abenteurers" a huge gap wouldn't be filled with small stories and add-ons, like new spells and discriptions of various places. But also the fanprojects can't provide what the Earthdawn Journal did: a constant publishing of, for example 9 issues in 3 years. I don't want to degrade the work of the fans, I just want to explain what made the Earthdawn Journal so unique. For me it were the widespread themes included in one mag and the regular release, that make the Journals even today very useful.

Hopefully there will rise another new fan project, that dedicates its works to the Journal and follows again its concept.

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