Earthdawn Novel

On top is the cover of the newest Earthdawn Novel Anarya's Secret (324 pages) written by Tim Jones.
It is available in different types and prices:
- Ebook via
- Ebook via Rpg Now
- Softcover from
- Hardcover from

The backcover describes the story as follows:

"Kendik Dezelek is a young Swordmaster. He's tall, strong, and well-trained. But when he leaves his home village on the road to adventure, he soon finds that those things will only get you so far. In the land between the Tylon Mountains and the Serpent River, friend and foe are not always as they appear.

In a world still recovering from the Scourge, when Horrors ravaged the land of Barsaive, Kendik is soon forced to choose between a range of evils. He travels with the surly and disreputable Turgut brothers. He encounters the bloated tyrant Lord Tesek, ruler of the growing city of Borzim. And he is ensnared in the plots of the feared and mysterious House of the Wheel.

Most of all, he meets Anarya Chezarin, who enters his life from the depths of an ancient stronghold. Who is she, and what is her secret? It may cost Kendik and Anarya more than their lives to find out."

Over HERE, a preview of a few pages.

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  1. Tim Jones says:

    Thanks for posting this information about Anarya's Secret. I've put some information about the novel, and how I came to write it, on my own blog, and there's now a review online as well.

    Tim Jones

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