Age of Legends


Vagrant Workshop, the German publisher of Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, recently released a free PDF preview of the upcoming book on their page. The 12 page PDF contains the 'Getting Started' chapter and of course the book's cover, which is a great displays of Kathy Schad and David M. Wright art skills.

For all of you who didn't read the news about the release of Earthdawn: The Age of Legend or the interview with Carsten Damm and therefore ask themselves, why another publisher is releasing an alternative ruleset for Earthdawn, I can only quote from the preview PDF, to explain the case:

The Age of Legend was designed for those who want a simple and story-oriented game system.

That's why Earthdawn: The Age of Legend is based on FU: The Freeform, Universal RPG game engine by Nathan Russel, to simplify the sometime complicate original Earthdawn Step System.


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