Official Earthdawn disciplines - an all time overview

At first I have to point out that the inspiration for this article came from Elidis and Morgan Weeks. Morgan Weeks is writing a series on his blog Panda Gaming grove called 'Anatomy of a Discipline' wherein he introduces and explains various disciplines of Earthdawn.

The series led Elidis to the idea to create an overview for all officially existing Disciplines of Earthdawn.

Well the idea was now realized in the following table which lists all Earthdawn disciplines sorted by edition. It includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition disciplines, Cathay and other official sources where Earthdawn disciplines were introduced at. And yep Questors are considered in the list as well!

The table also shows if the discipline already is or will officially be converted to ED4.

Earthdawn disciplines


The list doesn't claim to be complete! So I would be happy about any comment or suggestions about errors or missing Earthdawn disciplines.

I want to point out again that all Kudos go to Elidis who gathered all the info and made up the list.

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