Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheet

Earthdawn 4th Edition is looming! But what changes with the new rules for Earthdawn Character sheets?

So I contacted Morgan Weeks to find out what needs to be changed and he was so kind to sum up the changes that are relevant to update the character sheets to Earthdawn 4th Edition rules. He mentioned for example that Karma checkboxes are no longer needed, you can now use Karma for every Discipline Talent.

All in all there are not too much changes necessary to update a 3rd Edition sheet to 4th Edition. See change log below.

I decided to update one of my favorite Character sheets to 4th Edition, the sheet Ajfel and I already provided on the blog over here.

The new PDF is still fully editable!




  • New header pic
  • New dice table added
  • Renamed the spell defense to mystic defense
  • Added row for talent page
  • Changed wound penalties
  • Karma boxes are gone
  • Added phys./my. shield to defenses
  • Removed the spell sheet

The spell sheet was removed, because the spells will change too and I don’t know yet how the sheet will look like. A German translation of the sheet is already in the making. So, prepare for updates of this article.

By the way your opinions and critics are as always very welcome.

10 Response to "Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheet"

  1. Unknown says:

    It does look functional but not very neat. Of course, it is about stats. But it is - apart from the player itself - THE CHARACTER. The sheet it neither inspiring nor inviting...

    Joshua Fontany says:

    Yah, unfortunately, spreadsheet based design can seem unpolished. I like the data you include, and it's good to see fan-based work on ED4 so soon! I'll use this as a reference if I design my own character sheet/card.

    Mordom says:

    Hey Markus, for a more eye-catchy sheet have a look over here:
    It's for 3rd edition.
    But you're right, functionality was the priority for this sheet. It displays almost all information, like knacks, blood magic and thread magic which most low circle sheets/characters don't need.
    A German sheet is almost done and will be published with a Polish one soon.

    Elidis says:

    Hi, I prefer to have all stats on the first page, including skills and karma boni. The optional talents section
    is no longer required (from my perspective), because all talents may use karma, you can use this place for skills instead.
    The headline with the 4th Editon logo consumes a lot of space. Maybe you can put the logo in the top left corner.
    And use the other place for karma boni. I believe 3 lines for karma boni are sufficient.
    P.S. I guess shields provide no longer add. armor. They increase the physical or mystic defense.
    P.P.S. hopefully a separate page for spells is in progress ;-)

    peterjk3 says:

    The Armor and Shield Section is not fillable on the form. You can put in Initiative modifiers but not armor values. Thanks Sheet is great otherwise

    Mordom says:

    Hey peterjk3, I just fixed the armor and shield P/M fields. They're now editable too. Thanks for the feedback!

    peterjk3 says:

    Hey it all works pretty good now. I have a question/comment. In the weapons section, do a lot of people use the Attack Column. I just filled out sheets for my group and it was pretty hard for the Troll and Obsidiman Damage Dice to fit in that tiny space(handwritten that is). I think I would prefer the Attack column gone so I could have more space for damage dice. No one in my group uses it anyways. If I'm in the minority don't bother, but just food for thought, Great work by the way.

    marroon69 says:

    Ok maybe I am miss understanding....It seems te sheet is form fillible but I can not save it? It would be great if I could save the data also :)

    All links I see for this sheet are dead now :(

    Mordom says:

    Thanks for pointing out, links are fixed

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