New Earthdawn App – Earthdawn Battle Master for Android

Information, Information!!

Yes Earthdawn news again, but just in short. I want to inform you about the Earthdawn Battle Master App for Android.

I don’t want to start a discussion about the use of Apps for RPG’s in general , but at least I have to inform you about the App. Btw I ‘d have to inform you about a lot more Earthdawn stuff, but not in this short article.

So what’s the Earthdawn Battle Master about?

The author (tnt8) describes the main features as:

It is designed for game masters to easily confront players with a group of hostile NPCs, by removing the burden of managing all of the numbers manually. You can define new characters/species, create various groups of fighters, roll their initiative, roll attacks and give them damage.



Version 1.0:
- Species Creator: Ability to define a simple character by setting up attributes, physical and spell armor and two attacks.
- Battle manager: Ability to create multiple groups of fighting units, roll their initiative, attack and damage. All units can receive damage following the Earthdawn rules.

Well give the Earthdawn Battle Master a try. The App is very well programmed, the design and the usability is great. Graphics come from Kathy Schad, no wonder……….

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  1. Joe Szabo says:

    I very good app, I thinks needs a tad of tweaking for smaller screens. But all in all a very useful and amazing app.

    Mordom says:

    Just found a good comment on the app from Flagg:
    forum comment
    I was wondering too which edition the creature creation is based on.

    Added some new descriptive screenshots btw.

    Seth says:

    Please say this will eventually come out for iOS?

    tommy says:

    Cheers for the comments, I'm the developer of this app and just stumbled across this blog post.

    I programmed this app years ago as a java app and ported it to Android just for fun. I haven't really planned to get into IPhone dev yet ;)
    Saying that, when I have a bit of spare time I would probably just through it on github and make it opensource, so anybody who is interested can port and extend it to different platforms.

    I'm getting heaps of comments via email, so soonish I should have an update ready fixing some bugs and limitations that some users complained about.

    any comments welcome ;)

    Tommy says:

    The latest update 1.2 contains some great changes:

    - Added Karma dice
    - Fully customizable thresholds for wounds, unconsciousness and death, defenses and initiative
    - Multiple attacks
    - Combat modifiers for aggressive and defensive attacks
    - Landscape mode supported
    - More control over attacks in battle
    - Choice between single character and group tracking
    - Updated UI for group units
    - Localization for German and French
    - Overhaul of the character creation page
    - Willow font integration

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