Earthdawn sell out at Mongoose Publishing


[UPDATE] Mongoose Publishing “agreed a sale with RedBrick for the New Year” and it looks like the sale is running “until supplies last, first come, first served”. Thx to Matthew for the information.

Well folks, Mongoose Publishing is selling all Earthdawn books for just £9.99 (about 12€ or 15.5$). I don’t know why they sell out, or if it is a price error. But this doesn’t matter now, take the chance to extend your Earthdawn collection. I also don’t know how long the prices will be cut, I guess the sell out is valid as long as supplies last. Updates will follow as I find out more about the reasons of this price cut.


- Mongoose Publishing shop


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  1. Well this allowed me to pick up my Cathay books, nice. Shipping was a bit high, but at least I can afford them at the moment.

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