Earthdawn goes Savage!

RedBrick LLC hasn’t announced it on their page yet, but Annunaki has spread the news on the pinnacle forum.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group and RedBrick LLC are both pleased to announce that RedBrick has joined the ranks of Savage Worlds licensees!
RedBrick publishes game products for FASA's Earthdawn™ and Demonworld™ fantasy games, Holistic Design's Fading Suns™ space fantasy game, and Biohazard Games' Blue Planet™ science fiction game, as well as RedBrick's forthcoming Equinox™ space fantasy game.
Well it is not only Earthdawn that will come in Savage Worlds’ shape, but what can I tell ya have a look at the things Zorhau found out as he digged deeper and asked some questions. He posted the received answers on the German Blutschwerter forum.
But these are still not all the news. Spoilers everywhere!!!
For example, when we do a Pathfinder edition of Earthdawn, we want to integrate into the Pathfinder rules with minimal fuss
Nice try Dammi to get the monthly spoiler award after telling us about the planned books of RedBrick in your blogpost “A Glimpse of the Future”. The award goes to Annunaki, it’s as simple as that. Smile

4 Response to "Earthdawn goes Savage!"

  1. Dammi says:

    *lol* Alright, so I take it you'd prefer a SW conversion over new sourcebooks? ;-)

    Mordom says:

    Of course both news were exciting, but come on, a new system vs. new books......
    And please appreciate Annunakis prize! Maybe next time its yours.

    Dammi says:

    No problem about that--I didn't even realize there was one!

    My problem with a Savage Worlds Earthdawn, is the scaling issue of the Horrors and Dragons, SW is fast, fun, and furious, but it definitely has power issues. Also the legendary items and legend points systems will be lost in it I assume. I hope they at least have use Savage Suzerain's lead and add the 6th Demigod advancement tier.

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