15 must see websites about Earthdawn

The following selection of Earthdawn web pages represents the “must see” pages for Earthdawn fans and beginners. I chose those which are up to date, most informing or offer the best downloads.

1.  RedBrick LLC


Publisher of the latest Earthdawn Third Edition with an active forum, blogs of the developers and news about their products.

2. Mongoose Publishing


Main source to order the latest Earthdawn Third Edition books. Even pre-ordering of yet unreleased books is possible.

3. Earthdawn deviantART Gallery


The Earthdawn deviantArt Gallery started early 2010 and keeps on growing since then. Some highlights are the unframed Earthdawn book covers of RedBrick LLC Third Edition books.

4. Allen Varney

Allen Varney

Allen Varney’s homepage offers two, in terms of Earthdawn, interesting “articles”. First his Earthdawn Legends and second his free available Earthdawn novel “Piercing a Veil”.

5. Order of the white Rhino (last update 2002)

Order of the white Rhino

Well, this is the first page of this selection which is completely not up-to-date, but the pictures of Iopos or the King Varulus III Monument are only two of the unique treasures that can be found on that page.

6. Circle of Four (last update 2004)

circle of four

Here comes the second “not-up-to-date” website. The Circle of Four page offers some nice maps and a well done description of Kaer Daralon.

7. Earthdawn Journal


This page is all that is left of the former “Earthdawn Journal” print version. Most of the content of the magazine is available at this page.

8. Day Trip to Barsaive


Day Trip to Barsaive is the Third and last “old fashioned” website, but the unique description of Jerris and Travar make this page very special.

9. Q-Workshop


The polish distributor Q-Workshop is well known for excellent dice designs. Also Earthdawn dice can be ordered at their page.

10. Earthdawn @ Obsidian Portal

Obsidian Portal

The Obsidian portal in general is a platform for organizing a roleplaying game. The Earthdawn section about a group playing in Denver, CO offers a great resource of NPC characters.


The following links lead to international pages, I linked to the original pages. For everyone who prefers the translated English version, use Google translate by simply pasting the URL.

11. Kharro Aropagoi

Kharro Aropagoi

Welcome to Hungary! This page is the first address for Hungarian Earthdawn fans.

12. Black Book Editions

black book editions

The French publisher Black Book Editions is the main source for French Earthdawn fans. They publish the translated version of the RedBrick Classic Edition.

13. Earthdawn.pl


The tower of strength of the polish Earthdawn community is always up to date and provides for example some unique descriptions of Urupa.

14. Earthdawn-Rollenspiel.de


German page which provides most German fanworks ever made.

15. Earthdawn Dice Roller

DiceLast but not least, the Earthdawn Dice Roller is of course no website, but this Dice Roller is one of the best out there. Available for Earthdawn Classic and Third Edition.

The list or selection doesn’t represent all Earthdawn related websites that you should have a look at, of course. So if you miss a website that should be on the list of “must see websites about Earthdawn” add it in the comments. Please describe briefly what makes the page special.


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